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I like the last word the most. It frees the reader from the pregnant word of perfume without the limitations of cologne. Yet, I don’t feel that fragrance is entirely unsexed, either; much the same way that certain clothes are distinctly feminine, and others, distinctly male, and the rest follow certain long-term trends, like the shifting of techtonic plates.

Fragrance is not entirely unsexed.

I am probably the least likely person to comment upon fragrances, and I was thrown into this world, wholly involuntarily and by feminine demand, yet I have discovered that this world is worth exploring.

I could wear something to please others (a hollow and hopeless pursuit), something to please a particular person (usually worthwhile but what about the other 99% of the time when you are alone) or something to please myself (vanity), or something that would express who I was and maybe, just maybe, express a certain perspective on life, and even illume some distant corner of truth. Being an incurable Romantic, of course the last is what I chose.

Fragrance is self-expression.

You’re welcome to come along on this journey through the world of scent seen from the perspective of the melancholic, romantic loner — just be sure to keep your distance as we walk together, and keep plenty of silence in the air so that we can come to the inexorable conclusions that we must come.

If you fill the air with noisome prattle (AKA spam) or if you attack me, your words will be removed and you will be forbidden from coming here.

Follow this thorny winding path…