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At the end, I am laughing. Not as harshly or as mockingly as Sarah laughed, but in an incredulous manner all the same.

It had begun some time earlier, when I finally decided to create my first official decant. Those other experiments — failed experiments — we must not speak of them.



To get one into the other should be no problem, thought I. I will simply open the bottle, unscrew the nozzle from the sprayer, and then pour some liquid from the large container into the small sprayer.

Restrain your mirth, O experienced alchemists! How was I to know what perils Yves had in store? Carefully, I began the disassembly of the Rive Gauche bottle (though it was not glass, but I digress). I removed the sprayer button.

RG_cap Now I was concerned. There didn’t seem to be any obvious way to remove the deep metal O-ring, and I did not want to damage my fragrance bottle. The aesthetics were what concerned me. I did not think of what a perfume bottle explosion could do to my kitchen or my social life until afterwards.


Then I laughed. After my careful effort, I found myself faced with a sealed and maybe pressurized bottle! How could I go any further? Old Yves had me over a barrel. So, I reassembled the bottle, remembering from my Chilton days, that assembly is never quite the opposite of removal, and secretly sprayed enough into the sprayer to fill it up. Then, once I had packaged the other samples, I sent it on its way, hoping that I had not injured any top notes in the process.

The education of a mad chemist has begun.