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Every once in a while, I feel the need to organize various sprawling things. Fragrance is no exception. Upon a recent purchase, I realized that I simply was not using some of the fragrances that I bought. I do not know what to do with these purchases, though. Should I discard them? Should I attempt to sell them? Should I decant them and sell them that way? I have not had much success in selling fragrances on eBay (a box of Givenchy Pi mysteriously never reached its destination), but that is probably the easiest way to go, now that I am a member of and do not have to lie to the USPS workers. Still, it will seem odd to open my fragrance closet every day and not see the boxes that have graced my eyes for the past year or two; perhaps I am being a hoarder or a sentimentalist, but something within me catches and claws at removing these familiarities. My practical side will triumph, though. I can feel the inexorable change coming on the winds of autumn.