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It has been a while; I have been remiss. Life and even the semblance of life has been a beautiful whirl as of late. The memories — immortal, but I will not share them all with you, save to say that I have good reason for my absence. The romantic loner has married and has spent the days in newlywed bliss. The last and final joke is upon all those who could not imagine the day.

A petition has arisen that merits investigation, and which I heartily recommend signing. It concerns the overregulation (for which the EU is already infamous) in the sphere of fragrances. It politely makes the case for less regulation, and with less regulation means more freedom to create fragrances, and thus, more interesting fragrances. Not all of us are EU citizens, but nevertheless, peruse it here.

The year proceeds quickly, and to make room for fragrances I have long desired, I will have to pare back on ones that I own, but love not so much. I am espying some of the Curve flankers which I have held for some time, and used only rarely. Samples — these too I have in abundance. Which shall remain, and which shall receive the axe? Decisions, decisions.