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The experience of fragrance comes in waves; a wave of discovery, followed by a wave of obtaining; breadth then depth; perhaps it is better compared to charting a course. You plan out several different ways and then choose the way that seems best. If it works, you take it again. If not, then you replan your route next time. I have explored far and wide in this world of scent and although I am always open to new (and most likely niche) experiences, the time has come to buy full bottles.

Yes, those three words have come from mouth and keyboard: buy full bottles.

This is only possible once certain — ahem — financial resources have been amassed, but it is also only possible when you are ready to do so. There are quite a few fragrances I have wanted to own, not just sample, for many years. Most recently, I became quite disappointed when one that I had on my list (Atao by Lostmarch) was discontinued before I had a chance to buy it. Note to self: remember the opportunity window. Scents will not be around forever. Thus, now, I am ready to buy. And which scents are on my radar? Here are my top ten bottles to obtain:

Looking at these all at once reassures me that I am still beset by many different moods and the desire to express them in scent.