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As autumn arrives, I sense new life within me.

Part of this life is evaluating what fragrances I have and seeing whether or not I still enjoy them. I am also trying to contain my purchases within what I have called the Cologne Closet so as to be more orderly. I have found more than a few samples hanging that make me wonder why I still had them. Thus, after evaluating them and finding them still not quite interesting, off they go.

This too is an organic experience — the pruning of scents — and of course, when you prune things, you enable them to grow in the way that you desire. Topiaries would not be possible without such. Likewise, when you prune your fragrance wardrobe, you are able to fill in the empty spaces with new scents! I must not type this too loudly lest my wife get word of my plans. Read this quietly, too.

It’s also interesting that these scents are not ones that I disliked, for those I evacuated immediately. (“Airlift to garbage can! Go, go, go!”) It was the scents that were just taking up room, that I found tolerable, or decent, but that I didn’t love. If you are seeking an example of such scents, read here:

  • Curve (Liz Clairborne)
  • Givenchy Gentlemen (Givenchy)
  • Lapidus Pour Homme (Ted Lapidus)
  • Winter Kitty (For Strange Women)

Now behold the cabinet, grinning like a beast with a few missing teeth, ready to engorge new scents — just in time for autumn.