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It was mother’s day weekend, and like any good fragrance fellow, I was on the lookout for deals. I had heard from some forums on Fragrantica about the deals that the larger stores were to have, so I thought I’d stop by. As I got in the store, I headed for the cologne shelves, but not directly. No, like a shark, I circled. I looked in the aisle behind the fragrances to see if there was anything hidden or out-of-the-way. I followed it to the endcap, and then hit the shelves.

Interestingly, I wasn’t the only one who did this. Two other guys were doing the same thing. So, what was this? The mark of experienced hunters? Shame at being interested in fragrances propelling us to take the circuitous route? Although it’s much more Romantic to state the former, I think it is actually true in this case. When you’re looking for something, especially something as elusive as a deal when deals are to be found, you must be thorough. Nothing can escape your eye. Thus, you canvas the area, and slowly move in on the target, allowing it no room for escape.

Or something like that.

Something else I noticed, is that the other guys were definitely male. No wusses. No beta-males. And they weren’t gay. I have a pretty strong gaydar and it was totally flatlined. There goes another stereotype, right out the window.

And yes, the hunt was successful. Burberry for Men, $25.