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At long last, a proper review.

Amouage’s Memoir Man goes on with a minty medicinal vibe and transitions from that to aoud to spices in fifteen minutes. Then, over another fifteen, it becomes an olde, semi-sweet, semi-decayed, faintly herbal radiation of ancient power – like pressed flowers and mossy dank stone – very gothic, very manly. I love this smell. Like most things I love, it is doomed to fade, and fade it does.

Two and half hours in, the scent changes again, becoming a sweetly-spicy aromatic. I enjoy this too, but I’d much rather the former phase remained until the end. At about three hours, the two prior scents mix and match. At five hours, it becomes a spicy/high-end cologne smell (almost fruity) with a bit of vanilla in the mix. I’m not too fond of this initially, but by six hours, it smells beyond luxurious, as if I was staying in a penthouse suite. It even survives workouts, but only as a skin scent.

I’ve changed my mind from my initial impression. I enjoy it, but not enough to purchase it. The ending is weak compared to the opening, and while it remains opulent throughout, I do not love vanilla, no matter how well done.

The journey down the gothic highway continues.