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When it comes to fragrances, I have a slight problem: I’m too diverse.

If all I wanted were mainstream fragrances, then my friends over at Fragrance X would rock my socks. (The mechanical imp on my shoulder wonders, is it “Fragrance X” or “Fragrancex”?) And if somehow, they could not sate my desire to spend money, then Beauty Encounter would fill up what was lacking.

However, all I want are not mainstream fragrances. Oh, certainly not. You see, FragranceX doesn’t carry things like Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory, Soivohle, Olympic Orchards, or The Violette Market. Not that I would expect them to do so, mind you, but those companies don’t carry the things that FragranceX does, either.

Then, if I’m in a higher-end kind of mood, I trundle over to the always-professional folks at Luckyscent. Only — you guessed it — they don’t carry anything mainstream, and certainly not anything too indie, like say Olympic Orchards.

Very well. What if I was in a decant mindset? No luck, kemosabe. My favorite femmes at The Perfumed Court don’t carry mainstream stuff or much BPAL; neither does Surrender to Chance.

Now I’m not arguing that someone should come and force all these different companies to be one ungainly mess, but it sure would be nice if I could go to one store and order all the fragrances my wallet could afford, like an Amazon of fragrance.

Fragrance merchants, harken to my cry!