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Rubbing hands together madly with glee and chortling underneath my breath, at long last I announce, “Behold!”

I have forayed into the mad world of scent combination — officially. Who can foresee what shall occur next? This came about through an accidental discovery and through a free sample. Therefore, it is scientific in the extreme, for so many great discoveries were made through accidents! (Though what is truly accidental in life, tovarish?)

Long ago, back when I was a scent whelpling, I discovered that Dunhill Desire for a Man was fantastic on my skin; however, it wasn’t until later, after buying a whole bottle, that I discovered its magic resulted from repeated admixture with BPAL’s The Antikytheria Mechanism! So, what was I to do? I had tried recreating the experience by layering, and that was not successful. But when I engaged in post-holiday fragrance acquisition, and received a sample of the aforesaid Dunhill, I knew what I had to do.

If you are ever looking for a classy date scent, this is it. The tobacco/vanilla of the TAM mingled with the nearly-sour dark fruits of DFAM to produce measurable gains in confidence and in attractiveness to the opposite sex.