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Recently more and more of my fragrances have been “getting on my lungs” — that is, inducing a choking, scratchy, heavy feeling like congestion only worse. So as a remedy, I have gone temporarily fragrance-free (I am also BHA-free, if that matters). I am officially scentless. I do not know how long I must endure this bland existence, but I know when I visit my wife again, that I will wear something — probably Silvern, because it has a low silage. I don’t think my fragrances themselves have changed — I’ve kept them in a cool (temperature-wise) place, away from the light, and away from felines who would appreciate them too clumsily for my sanity.

It’s strange. It’s as though the scents themselves have become too strong for me.

After wearing Silvern, I found that even it blossomed up around me. Three swipes of ye olde roller ball on each wrist, and then the scent had enveloped me. This from a decidedly low-silage fragrance! The only other option is that I have become extremely sensitive to scents.

Anyone else had this happen?